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Car Transportation Services in Kolkata

"We expertise in the area of car moving,car carriers services from one place to another place within India."

Transporting your car from one city to another can be a really troublesome task if not handled by experts. Your car’s safety and smooth transportation depend mostly on the transporter’s experience and mobility. EURO packers and movers manage complete transportation services at affordable cost with 100% safety guarantee!

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Cost for Car Transportation from Kolkata

Cost of Car transportation services are depends up on mingle of circumstances, So it is variable for all. However, often big names come with bigger charges but not with EURO packers and movers. So before you transport your car you must consider a few things, which can help calculate the Car Transportation Cost:

  • Distance: Longer distance comes with a greater overall charge but a lesser charge per kilometer. We at EURO packers and movers provide exclusive rates depending on the overall distance. The place of transport plays a key role here. If your destination is a popular city then quotations are lesser compared to delivery in remote areas.
  • Car type: Your car model determines the overall cost again for transportation. If you have an SUV then it will eventually cost you more than a hatchback. However, it is just not the car type but also the particular car model that determines the cost. Basically more the area required and weight of the car, greater is the cost.
  • Transportation type: Open car transport will bring down the cost of transportation considerably than Enclosed transport. We at EURO packers and movers provide facilities for both type of transport. However, we suggest going that extra bit as enclosed transport will help maintain the overall car protection against natural calamities and otherwise.
  • Vehicle condition: Just like the case of insurance, a better condition will fetch you better values. If your car is running condition transporters will charge you less as handling of the car is easier compared to cases where the car needs to be pulled up with cranes etc.

These were the major points which determine the car transportation costs. However certain other factors like seasonality, duration of transport, etc plays a minor role in the overall cost determination.

Use EURO packers and movers’ car transport cost calculator to know your transportation cost and ship your car for the lowest charges.

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