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December 14, 2023

Vastu Tips before Shifting Into Your New Location

Does Vastu really work? If this question also arises in your mind, then we can only say that it is all about trust. Vastu sastra is an ancient method that studies the design of spaces to maintain the homeowner’s peace, luck, success, and love. Energy flows from all directions of the home so that the homeowners can maintain a peaceful lifestyle. Are you planning to change your place during this festive season? You must plan your interior before hiring the best House Shifting Services Kolkata.

If you do not know about the Vastu sastra, don’t worry, as we have your back. Here are some Vastu tips you can follow before you shift to your new place.

Vastu Tips before Shifting To a New Place

Entrance door

According to Vastu home guidelines, the main door should face either north, east, or northeast. When you step outside, it must be built to meet the north, east, or northeast direction. To draw in good energy, embellish it with religious symbols. A silver string can be hung to get rid of any Vastu flaws.


Family and food are the two main themes of the fondest memories; the kitchen is where they come together. Vastu, therefore, suggests keeping a significant space between the stove and sink. You may wonder if this is real; however, science is on our side. Since fire and water have opposing qualities, combining their powers in one location is impractical. Thus, when planning to relocate to a new place with all the essential items with the help of Packers and Movers Kolkata keep this important tip in mind and follow it.


Maintaining peace and harmony in the home requires carefully placing the staircase by Vastu. The southwest direction is the proper Vastu direction for a staircase in a home. You can also think differently but must speak with a Vastu specialist first. But remember that the staircase placement must always avoid the northeast area.

Kid’s room

According to Vastu’s advice for a new house, the children’s room should face southwest. For luck and ease of mind, ensure the children sleep with their heads facing east or south.

Living room

The living area should be located next to the north side in the center of the house. The furniture in your living room should stay within the available space. There should be nothing in the middle of the living room, commonly known as “Brahmasthan.” Families should arrange their furniture in the living room so everyone faces one another. Place an aquarium or a water feature in the living room’s northern orientation. The house’s favorable vibrations will rise as a result.


According to Vastu’s suggestions for a home, the bedroom should face southwest for good health and prosperous relationships. A couple may have obligations if their bedroom is in the southeast or northeast, respectively, which might lead to health problems. The bed must be positioned with its head facing west in the southwest corner.

These are some essential Vastu tips you can apply before shifting to the new place.


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