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July 24, 2020

Top 5 Tips for Moving in the Rain

It’s soothing to enjoy the rain sitting behind the window from our home. isn’t a great thing rain waters the plants, cools hot summer days, and makes the air smell fresh and clean. But when it comes to moving rain makes your moving very difficult. Sometimes on your moving day, you can’t or won’t reschedule. We the team of Euro Packers and Movers have faced any situations like this.

For situations like that we’ve listed the top 5 tips, you can follow to make your rainy day move easy.

  1. Keep moving cardboard boxes out of the rain. Because when they’re exposed to rain they get wet, soggy, and begin to fall apart. That’s not what you want happening to boxes that contain your most important goods, so keep them covered and protected from rain and moisture using a plastic stretch wrap. In case the boxes get wet, it’s better to lift them from the bottom to prevent tearing.
  2. Watch the news weather forecast. How is it going to look clear in a few days or a few hours? If so, you better wait to load until the rain gets stopped. If you can’t wait for the rain to stop, hold off loading appliances, furniture, and other items that water can damage. It’s better to start with things that won’t get damaged if they get a little wet. Then, when the weather clears, load the more valuable items.
  3. Prepare yourself with proper weatherproof gear. If you are planning to move by yourself, your rain gear should include shoes with good traction, to prevent yourself from slipping and sliding while lifting heavy furniture, and gloves, so your hands won’t slip.
  4. Keeping the rain factor in mind always try to minimize the foot traffic, and move the packed boxes to a room or area your closest to the door of your home. Clearing the steps, sidewalk and driveway make it easier for the movers as they walk back and forth to the truck through the elements.
  5. Check the truck to make sure there are no leaks inside the truck and that rain cannot enter the truck when it is loaded and during the moving.

As a reputed mover and packer in Eastern India, we know all about moving in unpredictable and challenging rainy weather. We are an ISO-certified organization and we have a long list of happy clients working with them for over a decade of the period. Contact us now on how we can move your goods safely

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