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April 26, 2021

Biggest Scams in Packers and Movers

Packers and movers service is an indispensable service of our day-to-day lives. We often need several types of packing and moving services during our job transfer, home location change, new machinery transportation, pet transportation, living stock moving, Car Transport in Kolkata and many more.

But, it’s a sad truth that many rogue packers and movers companies operate some scam schemes to make huge illegal money. Fraud packers and movers companies use diverse types of scam policies to trap innocent customers. Examples of some scam policies include demanding extra money before delivery, stealing some goods during transit, and no insurance coverage where an insurance bill is charged, among other policies.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss

Some “moving scams” commonly followed by professional fraud packers and movers –

Baited Lowest Price

The most common type of scam in the packers and movers industry is a “baited lowest price” to trap the customers and then force customers to acknowledge a higher bill with the name of better services. To avoid this type of scam, don’t go for the cheapest but best. Don’t get trapped into “guaranteed lowest price”, “baited lowest price”, and these types of scamming schemes. On our website, We have listed approx relocation cost for moving goods from Kolkata so you may review it or call our helpline for better guidance.

Large Advance Deposit

Honest packers and movers companies ask for a nominal advance deposit before starting the moving processes to maintain trust-oriented formalities. However, some fraud packers and movers misuse this good faith formality and ask for a large amount in advance and then disappear. You shouldn’t agree to any large advance deposit before starting your relocation services.

No Transparency in Phone Communication

If you listen only to “packers and movers” without any name, you may not be talking with a legitimate moving company. Legitimate packers and movers companies always answer your call with their brand name. Try to understand the communication standards of the moving company during your conversations.  

No Actual Address

Legitimate moving companies do need physical addresses to operate their businesses. Whereas, fraud moving companies don’t have actual physical addresses. Most scammers try to run their businesses through different online channels like websites, social media, etc. Try to visit the office of the Office Shifting company physically before finalizing any deal. 

No Contract or Unclear Contract Paper

Professional and legitimate packers and movers companies always offer you to sign a contract paper as a good faith formality. The contract papers include every detail of the moving processes such as estimated cost, date of delivery, types of added services, and packing materials, among other necessary details.

If you face any blank or unclear or no contract situation, then it might be a sign of a scam. Whenever you choose a moving company for your relocation services, make sure you have a clear and transparent contract paper written and printed on the original letterhead of the company.

No Pre-Order Survey

Most legitimate relocation companies offer you an idea of the estimated price over the phone and always ask you to go through a pre-order survey for the actual cost. Whereas, scammers never offer you any pre-order survey and force you to finalize the deal and make an advance payment. So, use your common sense and go through an in-detail pre-order survey before finalizing your moving company.

Extra Charge in Billing

Unfortunately, some professional packers and movers also run several scam schemes to higher their profit. You may face unexpected higher billing than the contracted cost. Usually, extra money is charged in the name of extra services, extra time, extra items, and other excuses. You should ask the moving company to mention the details in the contract paper if there is any possibility of extra pricing.

Extorting Extra Money

Now, this is different from extra billing. Some scammers may ask you for more money by threatening you that they won’t deliver your goods if you don’t pay their demanded money. It’s a crime and you may ask for help from law and order. 

Insurance Fees Charged but No Coverage

Dishonest packers and movers companies receive insurance fees but don’t insure goods and keep the money. Check the insurance papers before starting the moving process to avoid this scam. 

Lower Quality Packing Materials Than Said

More often than not, some professional moving companies try to reduce the packing cost using lower quality packing materials than mentioned in the contract paper. You should always check personally while the packing process is done.

Final Words

Scams in the packing and moving industry are painful. But you can avoid these scams by simply being alert and following some necessary formalities. I hope this article helped you a lot to understand the ongoing scams of the relocation industry. Kindly share this article with your friends and family to spread this awareness.

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