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May 13, 2021

Tips to Prepare Before the Final Moving or Relocation Day

Preparing before the final move might not seem an important task, but every step you take before the packers and movers arrive will save trouble and time, and keep you stress-free on a moving day.

However, when it comes to safety moving it’s worth preparing before the packers and movers arrive at your house. You’ll need to know – what should you do before the packers and movers arrive? How do get everything ready? How to prepare your home, your family, your items, and yourself for the final moving day?

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Here’s a list of the most crucial things to do before packers and movers arrive

Sorting out your belongings

The first thing you’ll need to do is purging out your home from unneeded items and belongings at least one month before the final moving day so that you’ll have enough time to donate or sell your unneeded items before moving.

Some recommendations include –  

  • Throw away worn-out and damaged items that cannot be used again.
  • Create a pile of items that are in good condition but you want to donate and won’t carry in your relocation.
  • Set aside items you want to sell and can get some extra money.
  • Use up or give away your neighbors and friends items that your packers and movers won’t move such as perishable foods, fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals.
  • Keep aside the non-allowable items you really need to move to your new location with you in your car or other means.
  • Organize the items you want your packers and movers to move to your new location – by destination room, type, priority, or any other ways that make sense for you and you can unpack easily and quickly.
  • Keep aside your valuable and important items you’ll need to keep with you – personal care items, medications, credentials or essential documents, jewellery, extra clothes, bathing and sleeping items, expensive personal equipment, and items of high sentimental value. 

Create an inventory of the items you sorted for move

Once you decided what you want to move to your new location, make a detailed inventory list of the belongings you want to entrust your packers and movers. An inventory list of moving things will help you determine the accurate moving estimate and serve as a document in case any item gets damaged or lost while transiting. It’s highly recommended to buy additional liability coverage if necessary.

Take photos of the items you want to move

It’s a great idea to take multiple photos on different angles of all the items that you want to carry by your packers and movers. In case you find any damage to your item on the delivery, you can use these images as a proof that the damage occurred in the packers and movers custody while moving. You can also claim an insurance.

Clean and arrange your items

Before your packers and movers arrive, you’re recommended to clean and dry every item you want to put in the moving truck. Moisture and dirt can harm your item during relocation. It’s also a great idea to organize your moving items by purpose, type, and destination room so that you can unpack easily and arrange your new home efficiently.

Prepack small items before your packers arrive

Though you don’t need to worry about packing if you hired professional packers and movers, prepacking of small items will help you find your necessary things easily and quickly. You can prepack small items for office shifting, wall decorations, your kids’ craft supplies, items of your high sentimental value, etc. 

Set aside important things that should not be given to packers and movers

Before your packers and movers arrive, keep all the items you don’t want to load on the moving truck into a separate place. Be alert to secure your personal data so that no one can access your personal information during relocation. Keep your personal documents, financial records, credit cards in a safe and locked place. Lock your computer with a password and don’t open any sensitive information to the packers and movers or anyone else to protect your privacy and identity theft. 

Plan your moving day with every trivial step

To prepare your moving day and ensure seamless and safe moving you’ll need to have every small step in consideration.

Some of your trivial steps include –

  • Alert your pros about possible difficulties such as small stairs, narrow roots, slippery floors, etc.
  • Decide a parking place for the moving truck before packers and movers arrive.
  • Arrange an elevator if you feel it’s necessary for your moving so that your packers and movers professionals don’t need to waste time for arranging it.

Ensure an easy and safe way out for your large items

Before your packers and movers arrive, remove all the obstacles that may block safe relocation. Free up enough space in the rooms and pathways so that your packers and movers pros can easily navigate and way out your items from your home.

Protect your home

Now it’s time to prepare your home so that it could remain in a good condition after the hassles of moving day. You can place doormats in front of the entryways to keep dirt away. You can cover carpets and floors with cardboard pieces, old blankets, or any other protective materials. You can also cover stairs with anti-slippery and protective materials and door frames with foam padding.  

Ensure safety for kids and pets

Before arriving your packers and movers, you’ll have to ensure the safety of your kids and pets. Your children and pet may get hurt during the hectic activities of the moving day. It’s a great idea to keep your kids and pets in a safe place in a trusted friend’s house or relative’s house. 

Prepare for the packers and movers professionals

Treating your packers and movers professionals with respect and kindness will encourage them to do their jobs with the best possible manners. You can prepare some snacks and drinks for refreshing them. You should prepare a bathroom for them to use with necessary equipment such as liquid soap, tissue papers, etc.

Check everything once again

Before your packers and movers arrive, check everything once again and make sure all items you want to move by your packers and movers are in ready-to-go condition.

Final Words

Proper preparation will help you speed up your relocation process and avoid accidents and delays. You should do everything possible to smooth the hassles of your final moving day. You can experience a safe and successful relocation by preparing yourself before arriving packers and movers.

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