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February 5, 2020

Process to packing home appliances and planning for local or national move

When you start to pack up your belongings for moving to a new place, you should probably keep in mind that packing is a process that deserves patience and perfect planning. Very often, people procrastinate and leave the packing until the last minute, which can result in lost or damaged belongings.

It might seem like a maze which can’t be solved, but the good news is, there is rhyme and reason to it all. After serving for a long time in the market our experts have discovered some effective points which can ease your process of moving. Here’s a brief look at what to pack first when moving to a new place.

Plan before moving date

Remember, you should moving checklist or calendar according to your schedule. If you’re not pre-packing, starting with minor items roughly four weeks before of your moving day, you are probably getting late. Start packing “non-essential” things at this pre-packing phase, making sure to save the absolute daily necessities until last phase in the packing process.

At the same time to have to mentally prepared to mould your life according to moving schedule because some items will be getting packed time by time which you won’t be able to access until you move to your next destination.

Now, what does it mean by non-essential things?

The simple answer is the things which you haven’t touched for a two or three weeks is categorized as non-essential things.

Here’s a detailed look on what to pack, and when to pack it.

For your better understanding the total moving phase is divided into 4 weeks; 4th and 3rd week is pre stage, 2nd week is mid stage and last 1 week final stage. You can read our blog on how to select the best date for relocation which might help you to get the service at a discounted price.

  1. Pre Phase– All the non-essential items like various kitchen and cooking items, other season clothing, surplus clothing, office items, arts, framed photos, closets, repairing tool box of your vehicles, story books, movie DVD, barbeque tools, gaming consoles etc. Also inform your bank and post office for your new address to get an un-interrupted service. Just remember one thing in this pre moving phase you will pack only those things which you won’t be using for the next 4 weeks. So pick the items carefully. So, make your work schedule accordingly.
  2. Mid Phase– In this phase the remaining items like- fancy glasses and dishes, enough clean clothes, furniture etc. In this phase you should do some small things which help you during your moving phase. Make a box of first aid and keep all your daily needed medicines in a separate box.
  3. Last Phase– this is last 7 days of your moving phase including the day of your moving. Basic appliances, curtains, electrical equipments, Rugs etc. In this you can use paper plates for having food.
  4. Now comes the D-day. In the day of moving just pack your bedding with bed, cleaning supplies. Prepare some light snacks for family including pets. Start early to avoid traffic jam. You can read our blog on how to manage the moving day.

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