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October 16, 2019

Office shifting Cost from Kolkata to Bangalore

Office shifting from Kolkata to Bangalore is not an easy task because it is not only involve the transport of furniture but also many other big-medium-small sized electronics and many important documents. We, As a leader of Packers and Movers company in Kolkata, received more then 1000+ call from different part of Kolkata every month and Asking costing are the first question of every call. So today I am describing costing of office relocation which may help our clients to calculate their cost while moving office from one place to other place.

This post is also relevant to calculate costing of Home relocation, Car transportation, Bike transportation, Goods relocation etc. Costing of office shifting from Kolkata to Banglalore is depending upon many factors like packing goods, Pic up location, drop location, way of transport, duration of shifting, Nature of goods, goods quantity and Many more. Today with the growing business zone in Bangalore, more and more offices are either shifting entirely to Bangalore from Kolkata or are setting up new branches. In both cases, office shifting becomes inevitable.

Factors of Office Shifting Cost From Kolkata To Bangalore

Way of Transportation Railway or Roadway

Depending on your exact location you must decide as to transfer your office belongings via roadways or railways. However, based on the distance between Kolkata and Bangalore, roadways can be an apt choice for shifting office. Thanks to the good National Highways.

Quantity Of Goods

If all your goods can be transported via one vehicle then generally the cost of shifting becomes low. Also, if your goods can be well accommodated with other customers, the cost becomes shared and thus reduces.

Nature of goods

In case your office belongings are fragile, they would need special care and packaging compared to the traditional packing. Also, the vehicle of transport needs to be specialized depending on the nature of good. All of these may cost additional charges.

Duration Of Moving

In case you want faster shipping then the packers and movers might charge you more as your goods will be shipped exclusively on an emergency basis. The fuel charge thus becomes more and leads to the extra cost of shipping. However, you can easily cut on this cost by consulting with your packers and movers. Most agencies have fixed date of transport between most important cities They ship goods on bulk on these days and thus this would cancel the additional shipping charges for your goods.

Location of pick up and drop

If your exact location of goods pick up and drop is far from the heart of any of the cities, it might incur some additional charges. This is mostly because most packers and movers have warehouses in the city centre from where they commute. If they need to travel appreciable distance for your pick up and drop then they will definitely charge for the same.

Office Relocation From Kolkata To Mumbai Through EURO Packers And Movers

Office shifting costs from Kolkata to Bangalore can vary from 15-25k depending on the above factors.Office shifting can be a smooth affair if allocated to trusted hands. EURO packers and movers in one such highly trust-worthy and appreciated packers and movers agency of Kolkata.With their expert team of professionals they making shifting an easy business for yours. Their team goes on pre-inspection for the proper packaging of all your goods.

They then choose the best fleet for the transport of your goods. They take care of all safety measures and provides the best option for you. With international quality packing material and an array of self-owned vehicles, EURO packers and movers comes up with the best shifting option for your office between Kolkata- Bangalore or anywhere else at the most affordable cost. Their warehouse at various locations in and around the cities makes pick up and drop way easier compared to any other agency.

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