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June 7, 2021

Office Goods Moving Cost from Kolkata to Other Cities as per Weight and Kilometre –

Most commonly, office goods moving cost from Kolkata to another city may range from Rs. 9000 to Rs. 49000 for a micro office, Rs. 12000 to Rs. 83000 for a small office, and Rs. 23000 to Rs. 151000 for a medium office depending on the distance and the volume of the goods items.

Handling the hassles of moving an office safely from the world’s most crowded city Kolkata to a different city is not a joke and close to impossible to achieve. However, only a team of experienced professionals from a reliable packers and movers company in Kolkata can handle this challenging task.

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If you don’t have any idea about the moving costs of office goods in Kolkata, you may face high prices without even knowing it. To make you understand the standard and average costs of packers and movers in Kolkata, we are providing a complete breakup of the standard rates of packers and movers in Kolkata for office relocation services and also the factors that influence the overall costs.

Factors That Influence the Office Relocation Costs

  • Distance – The cost of office goods moving from Kolkata to another city largely depends on the distance between the two cities. The bigger the distance, the bigger the price will be. An estimation is made as per the total kilometer coverage usually according to Rs. 30 – Rs. 40 per kilometre (approximately), the price is proportionate with the total number of kilometres. 
  • Volume of goods (total weight) – The total volume of goods or office items is a key factor that affects the prices of shifting office goods from Kolkata to another city. Most packers and movers companies would consider this factor before giving you a costing quotation. More items mean more weight that needs more manpower, more time, and more packing materials. Therefore, the cost of moving office items from Kolkata to other cities also depends on the total weight of the goods items. The cost may vary depending on the total weight of your office goods and can be charged according to per kg. The cost per kg for moving office goods from Kolkata to other cities depends on the total distance and other associated services. Different moving companies charge differently according to their service quality and requirements.
  • Types of goods – Types of goods are also a cost influencing factor for moving office items from Kolkata to other cities. Some valuable items need special care and packing materials, therefore, costs become higher compared to normal prices.
  • Required vehicle type – Vehicle type is another cost influencing factor for moving office goods from Kolkata to other cities. Your overall costs may widely vary depending on the truck type or truck size. If you have enough items that need a heavy truck, you will obviously need to pay higher.
  • Packing materials – Depending on the types of your office goods your packing materials may widely differ. Some expensive and important items may require high-quality packing materials where others need standards. The higher the quality of your packing materials, the higher the costs. If you are moving in the rainy season, you may require waterproof packing materials or you may need a large waterproof cover to save your items from water. In this case, you may expect to pay more charges to the moving companies.
  • Manpower required – Depending on the workforce needed for loading and unloading your office goods, the labor charges will be added to the total cost. In general, professional packers and movers companies charge Rs. 600 to Rs. 750 per person.
  • Additional services – If you acquire any additional services such as disassembling, assembling, unpacking, or office arrangement, an extra charge will be added according to your additional services. You can consider choosing unpacking and office arrangement services after reaching your destination so that you can become completely stress-free with a standard extra cost.
  • Insurance and tax – For moving your office goods from Kolkata to other cities, you may need to pay government taxes if applicable. You may also need some insurance coverage if you are serious about the safety of your items. Insurance and taxes will be added to your total cost of moving office items from Kolkata to other cities. But the amount of these factors widely vary depending on the situation and your preference. Make sure you discuss all the parameters before finalizing your deal.
  • Warehouse or storage – You may need a store or warehouse for your office goods or items. Most warehouses charge on a daily basis. Reputed packers and movers in Kolkata provide a free storage facility up to 15 days and ask for a minimum of Rs. 200 – Rs. 350 per day for the additional duration.

These are few factors that influence the overall costs of moving office goods from Kolkata to other cities. But these are not written on the stones, you may face several other factors that can affect your price.

Now you know about the price influencing factors, let’s deep dive into the complete breakdown of the cost.

The Cost of Moving Office Goods from Kolkata to Other City

The cost of moving office goods from Kolkata to other city majorly depends on the weight of the goods and the kilometre coverage. Weight of the goods is proportionate with the office category whether it is micro, small, or medium.

Distance in KilometreMicro officeSmall officeMedium office
Up to 400 kmRs. 9000 –12000Rs.12000-21000Rs. 23000 – 37000
Up to 800 kmRs. 13000 – 17000Rs. 18000 – 29000 Rs. 32000 – 52000
Up to 1200 km   Rs. 21000 – 27000Rs. 29000 – 46000Rs. 51000 – 83000
Up to 1600 kmRs. 37000 – 49000Rs. 52000 – 83000Rs. 91000 – 151000
More than 1600 kmcontact for quotationcontact for quotationcontact for quotation

Note: the costs mentioned here are generic and not an estimation of the actual cost. Hence, ask for your detailed quotation to know your exact cost of moving office goods from Kolkata to other cities.

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