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October 14, 2020

Packers and Movers Relocation Cost From Kolkata to Patna

It’s no secret that relocating from one location to another can always be complicated, stressful, and often expensive. In fact, the cost of relocation is often something that many can’t wrap their wits around.

Several movers are even caught off guard just by how much the actual cost of their home or office relocation eventually ends up costing them. They can never actually determine the actual moving cost even if they choose to go with the cheapest movers and packers for their customised moves. And that makes it all the more confusing for them.

However, certain factors tend to influence the overall cost of relocation- be it in an office or home move. As you aim to draw up your floor plans, enlist help from a notable mover and packer in Kolkata. And… decide which day and time best works for your move; you also need to take into account all those cost determining factors.

Average Relocation Cost from Kolkata to Patna

S. NoMoving Type/DistanceUP to 400 to 500 KM
12 Bhk FlatRs 8000 to 18000
23 Bhk FlatRs 10000 to 25000
34 Bhk FlatRs 15000 to 28000
45 Bhk FlatRs 18000 to 400000

Cost Depending Factors

There you have it – the key factors which influence the overall relocation price regardless of from where to where. If you’re a resident in Kolkata planning to relocate to Patna, then the approximate value of your relocation costs will be depend greatly on these below factors.

Item Quantity

The first factor which determines the cost of relocating, be it from Kolkata to Patna, is the quantity of items. The overall size and weight of your items do have a direct impact on your overall spendings simply because more goods and items mean a larger moving van.

If you have a decent-sized office with stacks of goods, electronics, filing cabinets, cubicles, computers, and workplace furniture items, then you may even have to discuss with your chosen moving company on the prospects of two moving vans.

And of course, that could cost you slightly more than you initially expected.

Distance between Pickup and Drop Location

The distance of the move is another crucial factor that determines the overall relocation cost. If your new residence or workplace is just a few blocks away, then you may not have to spend too much on your move. Contrarily, if you are planning an interstate or even intrastate move, then the cost of relocation is bound to be more.

Another crucial aspect is the goods pick-up point. If you reside in a metropolitan city, then there is a possibility of more moving vans available in the area to aid you in your move. But, if you reside in the outskirts of the city like in a village or remote location, then the moving charges will be more.

Time Frame for Moving

The time and day you choose to move is also a crucial relocation cost determinant. Most top-rated packers and movers be in Kolkata or elsewhere, have low and high seasons. Their services are at its peak during weekends or public holidays. Since most people plan tend to plan their relocation during weekends, this high demand makes their service costs higher than usual.

Contrarily, weekdays and monsoon seasons are periods when their demands are relatively lesser. And due to this, they tend to charge at their normal rates.

In addition to that, the time of relocation is also important for long move. Ideally, moving evening between 5 PM – 8 PM is probably the best option. With less traffic and relatively comfortable temperature, the moving operations are done quicker, thus resulting in no provisions for additional charges.

Avoid relocating during Monsoons. The inclement weather conditions can spike up your relocation costs considerably.

Businesses under tight deadlines may find themselves facing higher office moving costs. Always be sure to plan ahead to minimize your commercial moving costs, saving your business money in both the short and long-term.

Floors at Destination and Lift Availability

If your new residence or office is at the ground floor, then the relocation costs will not be high. But if it is at the first or second floor (or higher), then more labour and effort will be required to unload and transfer the products. That could lead to increased costs. This is definitely so when the building doesn’t have a lift set-up.

Moving in Weekdays

Since weekdays are less busy, leading packers and movers like Euro Packers and Movers offer discounted prices to encourage customers to move during the week. Generally, weekdays rates are 8%-10% lower compared to a weekend move.

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