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December 26, 2019

Professional Laboratory Re-locators in India


The relocation or resizing of a laboratory can be widely beneficial to you your organization to meet your changing organizational growth.  Your research is your entire life’s work, and it is irreplaceable. When relocating a laboratory, you can’t afford a single mistake at any stage.

You must choose the highly recommended moving partner in your area for this job. After all you want the critical relocation job as hassle-free as possible, without any damage to your equipment.

Pre-Stage Assessment

This is the planning stage of the laboratory relocation process.

  • Inventory Classification First, make sure you take inventory of all the hazardous and non-hazardous materials within the lab. An in-depth inventory analysis will ensure you’re aware of the volume of material, and the risks associated with the material before the move occurs. Inventorying all material will also lead you to the second step of the process.
  • Actions on the materials- This step is about making a leaner version of the first step.  In some cases, the cost and risk of moving certain materials is greater than the cost of disposing of them and restocking them once the new lab is established.  You can dispose of the items with lesser values according to your strategic decision. By performing this step with a little smartness you can reduce your moving cost drastically.

On Process Function

Even with the most detailed plan, you must still be ready for surprises along the way. Order changes, equipment availability, and even the weather can affect the relocation schedule. Constant communication, detailed plans, and a flexible problem-solving attitude will make the job possible despite the surprises and challenges you encounter.

Safety measures

The most important task of this job is to maintain the safety of the equipment during the entire process.  Equipment containing any hazardous material, such as large power supplies containing PCBs, should be clearly labeled by the owner prior to transport to the new facility.

Post-Delivery Inspection-

Revisit your previously vacated lab to ensure all items have been moved and check this according to your checklist. Do calibration and proper allocation of your newly moved laboratory equipment.

Now the question comes are you ready to take the challenging job on your own? If it seems beneficial for your organization then It’s ok. Now assessing all the complications if you are a person residing near Kolkata searching for your next relocation partner the team of packers and movers is the trusted name in the field of laboratory relocation.  

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