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January 17, 2022

How to Take Care Of Furniture While Shifting House?

House shifting can be tricky, especially when you have a lot of furniture to move. There are different types of furniture in a house, such as Almirahs, sofas, tables, desks, etc. No one wants their beloved and essential furniture to be damaged in the process of shifting. Here we will discuss some tips to help you take care of your furniture while you’re moving. Let’s start. 

1. Make the list 

Make a list of which furniture you want to carry with you and which furniture you want to abandon. Usually, people don’t take highly damaged and fragile furniture to their new house. That’s why making a list is an important step. 

2. Disassemble

One can move furniture without disassembling it only if the stairway, doorway and evaluator have enough space to move the furniture or the furniture is light enough to avoid any risk of damage while shifting without disassembling. One should disassemble heavy furniture such as bed frames, table legs, sofas, etc. Disassembling reduces the risk of damage while shifting. 

Also, label the disassembled parts so that you can find the parts easily when you will need to reassemble them. 

3. Invest in packing materials

To avoid damage, you must use high-quality packing materials. One can use bubble wraps to secure the glass tops or fragile furniture as they can reduce the jerks. Besides that, it is advised to use a furniture blanket and carpets to reduce the risk of collision. One should use cardboard sheets as furniture separators to prevent scratches caused by rubbing against each other. Make sure your furniture is secured with packing materials by the Best packers and movers in Kolkata

4. Right equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment for moving heavy furniture to reduce the risk of damage. There is specially designed equipment for shifting such as hand truck, dolly, trailer, skid board, moving straps, etc., that you can use. Professional moving companies always use the appropriate equipment for shifting different types of products.

5. Placement strategy

While moving furniture, it is important to have the proper knowledge of placement. For instance, heavy furniture should be placed at the back of the truck. There is also a strategy that should be maintained, such as loading mirrors between sofa items or loading the couches vertically. The placement strategy will protect furniture while loading and unloading from the truck.

6. Clean your furniture

Dust and rust can cause even more damage and scratches. It also can make the furniture surface slippery and increase the risk of damage. Make sure to clean the surface of your furniture before starting the shifting. 

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