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October 3, 2023

How to Recognize Scam Car Shifting Companies near You

We all admit that shifting to a new place with a car is the most exhausting method. If you book the best car transportation service at the last moment, then you are too late on the track. Booking the best-shifting company at the last moment is challenging as this is the most demanding job in the world and that is why you should make up your mind, and it is recommended to book them as early as possible.

As you are late in booking the best-shifting companies, it is natural that you will panic and start looking for other packers and movers Kolkata on different websites. This is where everything can go wrong as you might end up landing on the scam companies, where they will waste your money and time.

You will not appreciate that, right? So what’s the solution? You have to identify all the scam companies, and this article is just about that; we will mention how to detect that the company you select is either a fraud or an authorized one.

Different Ways to Identify the Fraud Car Shifting Companies

Get all the necessary information

Take note of the company name, address, and phone number before selecting car bike carriers in India. Obtain its license as well. For your automobile relocation, only work with licensed companies. A legitimate business needs a working phone number and a physical mailing address. Check its phone and address information. Don’t forget to look through the entire website comments as well.

Brokers are desperate

Be wary of car shipping agents who seem pressed for business. Like dating, you want someone who is appealing and interested in you but maybe not someone who makes empty promises or who comes out overly dependent. Customers frequently contact to complain about a broker who keeps calling, texting, and emailing them.

A broker is not busy moving cars for clients if they have time to call you every ten minutes. Since it’s hard to pinpoint precisely what characterizes a desperate broker, we advise following your gut. Find another transport provider if you sense desperation.

Check the price

Although moving might be expensive, this does not necessarily indicate that you should hire a business whose charges seem suspiciously low. If you come across such a business, you must find out how they can offer such inexpensive prices. Investigate the company further for any hints that point to it being a fraud; visit their office to determine whether they are, in fact, a legitimate business or just something that exists on paper to defraud you.

Insurance coverage

You must ensure that your shipping partner has adequate coverage because average auto insurance may not cover moving your car across the country. To determine how much insurance coverage your car will have while being transferred, check their insurance documentation. You might ask about expanding the cover if it is insufficient.

These are some of the ways through which you can be able to identify the fraud car shifting companies. If you are finding one, then take some legal action, and then you can also save yourself and a lot of other people.


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