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June 21, 2021

Moving Furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi with Cost

The distance between Kolkata to Ranchi is around 402 Km if we use National Highway 16 (NH – 16) and National Highway 18 (NH – 18). It takes around 8 – 9 hours to move furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi by roadways.

Ranchi is the capital of the state Jharkhand and it’s well linked with Kolkata city as a neighbor. Moving furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi is a very common activity often required for homeowners, organizations, and corporates. However, it’s highly recommended to hire a certified and reliable professional moving packers near me in Kolkata to move your furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi safely.

Euro packers and movers offers complete relocation services including furniture moving at a very affordable cost. Euro packers and movers has over 17 years of experience and expertise in this industry and a large network across the country. Over the years of dedicated services, Euro packers and movers became one of the most reliable and trusted household shifting services companies in India. Contact us to get any help regarding moving services.

Moving furniture is always a daunting job for people. Only a group of experienced people can tackle the necessary tasks of the hectic day of moving. If you want to remain completely stress-free, you should obviously consider choosing a certified and trusted professional moving company like Euro packers and movers.

The cost of moving furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi

The cost of moving furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi mainly depends on 2 factors – the total volume of the furniture and the types of furniture.

  • The total volume of the furniture – if you have a large volume of furniture, you may need more labor, a big vehicle, and more packing materials. The larger the volume of your furniture, the higher the price would be.
  • Types of furniture – if you have expensive and fragile furniture, you may expect to expense more for moving your furniture. Expensive and fragile furniture requires extra care, packing materials, and extra manpower as well.

Furniture moving cost from Kolkata to Ranchi based on volume-

Furniture volume     Cost
Complete home furniture Rs. 13000 – Rs. 27000
1 BHK furniture    Rs. 10500 – Rs. 17500
2 BHK furniture     Rs. 12500 – Rs. 19500
3 BHK furniture     Rs. 13500 – Rs. 24500
4 BHK furniture     Rs. 14500 – Rs. 26500
Few office furniture Rs. 7000 – Rs. 16000
Complete office furniture Rs. 12000 – as per office size. 

These are only common rates and not estimated as actual rates. You should ask a personalized quote from your professional moving company to know the actual cost to move your furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi.

Final words

Due to the short distance and good connections between Kolkata and Ranchi, moving furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi or Vis a Vis is quite easy and safe if you hire an experienced and reliable relocation company. Therefore, it’s a great idea to move furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi by roadways.

Euro packers and movers provides complete furniture moving solutions including home furniture and office furniture from Kolkata to Ranchi as well as other cities of India. Contact us immediately to know about our discounted prices.

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