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January 6, 2020

Furniture relocation from Kolkata to other City

Live in Kolkata and looking for furniture relocation to other city then follow these steps which will help you for happy moving. Furniture moving might be a very stressful experience for you especially when you need to transport your furniture from one place to another.  Heavy weight furniture is tougher to pack and move them so you should be very careful while moving furniture. The polish might get damaged if it hits an object irrespective the weight of furniture.

Care for furniture moving from the city.

Furniture Protection

As we understand the importance of protecting your furniture during your move, we will take special care and attention in order to wrap your furniture accessories such as cushions and beds in plastic covers during handling and shifting. This keeps your things 100% safe in all aspects. Other delicate and fragile items, are cautiously stuffed in pads and placed carefully on the vehicle, for optimal safety.


As we know that these are always some types furniture which needs to be dismantled and re-assembled, we also carry the necessary tools and equipment to make sure that all your needs are addressed.

Relocation Vehicles

We use various types of vehicles, ranging from small trucks, vans and larger trucks, depending on type road or the type entry point. Unfortunately we are all aware of the pathetic condition of the Indian roads. That’s why we have picked up the best in class vehicles for safe moving.

Peace of mind

As we are fully aware of the value of the contents travelling with us during the house relocations, we are able to monitor every transport vehicle through the use of a satellite tracking device. This way we are able to keep a track of every minute of your belongings while moving you.

Furniture Placement

Unlike other movers an experienced mover, will not simply unload your contents and leave. They will be there to handle your items with great care and attention and place them, according to your instructions. No house relocation would be complete without the job being completed from start to finish.

Packing Material

Although we do provide proper packing material to ensure your belongings are safe and sound, we are also able to supply you with any kind of wrapping or boxes to suit your immediate needs, so that any items accompanying our mover during the house relocation will be securely stored.


The furniture movers of EURO Packers and Movers have gone through extensive training to not only make their work efficient and quick, but thoughtful and delicate, too. They carefully wrap each piece of furniture and pad every door jamb before they move anything out. If they put this much effort into your door jambs and corners, imagine how careful we are with your actual possessions.

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