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April 28, 2020

10 Ways to feel home at your new house

  1. Reject Packing Boxes – This may seem obvious, but it’s easier said than done. With our busy work schedules and modern lifestyle, it’s easy to ignore the giant stack of boxes for weeks. Make your new house feel like your old home right away by unpacking everything as soon as possible.
  2. Your Favourite Tunes – You might think to have an unpacking dance party with your favourite tunes. We all know that music helps to reduce stress. So don’t freaking out about the huge amount of pending unpacked items, your favourite playlist will be just enough what you need.
  3. Start with Big Things – Start with getting all the big things out and set up first like anything that needs to be put together. This will help you to create an idea of your new house. You can easily place the things where everything will go and allowing you to make it feel like home right away.
  4. Prepare Your Bed – Nothing says cozy, comfortable home like a newly prepared bed—especially if you have new bedding to use. Get your bed set up right away and plop down to relax as you go through your bedroom knock-knacks.
  5. Arrange the Bathroom – You may have bought a new curtain, but most items in your bathroom are likely brought from the last place you lived. Probably you use them every day, as well, bringing a sense of comfort when unpacking them. Little tasks like cabinet arrangement make all the difference when you want to feel at home in your new place.
  6. Open Up the Space – If you’re feeling stuffed in your new house, then you can take a few smart steps to open up the new place . One easy way to do that is to open the windows, but if you’re in a small flat, that may not do help. If you don’t have access to natural light, use lamps with soft incandescent bulbs to replace the light you’re missing.
  7. Put the pictures of Home – If you moved far away, unpack the things that remind you of home right away. Your close to heart picture of friends and family, posters you’ve had forever. You’ll love to reminisce as you pull the items out, and will feel emotionally relived when you see those.
  8. Do a Security Check – We strongly advise you to check all your doors and windows for any potential security issues right when you move in. You’ll feel safer knowing that your window and door locks are safe and secure. If they’re not arrange a temporary fix or take care of the problem.
  9. Host a Dinner – If you moved a comparatively lesser distance from home, and still your olf friends can reach you, then host a dinner or small group gathering. By the presence of your dear friends you’ll surely feel at home having all your friends chatting and enjoying themselves in your new house.
  10. Relax – After everything is done position yourself comfortably in your couch and relax. Nothing will help you feel better than this and some much-needed sleep.

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