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October 11, 2019

Best way to Transport CAR from Kolkata to Delhi

Shifting and relocation come with its own share of worries and complications. On top of this if it is car transportation then it can get even more complicated at times. However, one can easily cope up with these by following some basic steps and requisites. Car transportation needs much more care and detailed set up than normal home shifting.

Also when the distance Is appreciable like in the case of Kolkata to Delhi, the most important thing one needs to take of is a good transportation agency. Following this, one needs to decide the mode of transport. Both Roadways and railways are applicable in case of car transport from Kolkata to Delhi. However one needs to pay attention to the pros and cons of both the mediums. Only an experienced packer and movers agent can guide one to choose the aptest way. One thus needs to contact and experienced packers and movers in this case.

EURO packers and movers is the name that comes first in such cases. EURO packers and movers provide one the best domestic as well as international shifting service of cars and other vehicles. The owner of the car can thus consult with the expert team of EURO packers and movers. However owing to the not so much distance between Delhi and Kolkata. As well as good road connectivity through National Highways, road transport is recommended for car transport from Kolkata to Delhi.

Optimize Car Transportation Cost While Moving It from Kolkata to Delhi

Discuss the cost of transportation

Now that you have pinned down on the transporting agency discuss the cost of transport. Generally, the cost should be around 18k, under normal transportation conditions. However, have detailed discussion of the same with your dealer for finalizing any deal. EURO packers and movers provide one of the cheapest car transport rates, owing to their in house vehicles and a large number of transports every day.

Full Payment upon Delivery

Pay the full amount of deal only on delivery. Do not pay the full amount in advance as it might incur a delay in delivery and casualty from the agency’s side.

Discuss the duration of transport

It is very common that often the cost of transportation depends on the duration as well. This is mainly because when the agency transports a large number of vehicles to the same location the cost of transportation decreases. But for this one may have to wait for some days. Discuss this possibility with your agency to get the best deal.

Get the details of the truck transporting your car:

get full details of the truck that is supposed to transport your car. It will be of great use in case of any casualty.

Remove of all Important documents:

Do not leave any original documents like registration tax clearance, smart card etc in the car while during the transportation. If possible keep a photocopy of the same for safety purposes.

Keep some fuel:

Keep fuel worth Rs 500 in the car. Do not keep more fuel unnecessarily as not only will there be chances of fuel theft but also safety risks will rise due to jerking etc. However, do keep some fuel as it will be necessary to drive the car to your exact location of delivery from the storehouse of the operating agency.


Euro Packers and movers provide one of the best car transportation services from Kolkata to Delhi as they have their offices in both the cities and also have regular transportation between the cities. Their expert team of professionals ensures the safety of your car throughout the process of transportation and also provides insurance for the same.

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