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December 8, 2023

Best Vastu tips to Decorate Your Kitchen in the New Place

The kitchen is the nervous system of the whole house. According to Vastu, it is the central place that tends to capture an affluent amount of positive or negative energy. Thus, when shifting to a new location, you must plan everything ideally. Also, we know that shifting to a new place is a real hassle, but if you hire the best Home shifting services in Kolkata, they will do your job.

The proper Vastu should be applied to your kitchen just like other areas of your house. It keeps everything cheerful and upbeat. If you want to know more about it, landing on our page will save you. We are presenting some tips that will help you decorate your kitchen perfectly.

Vastu Tips to Decorate the Kitchen of Your Place

Kitchen door position

The kitchen door should face east, north, or west to draw beneficial energy per Vastu principles. The door should not be positioned toward the south because this could impede the flow of good energy and negatively affect the entire household’s health.

Color of the kitchen

Vastu places great importance on color selections. Green is considered the perfect hue for the kitchen since it fosters peace and increases hunger. Alternatively, creams and yellow tones are advised to preserve a harmonious and upbeat atmosphere.

Stove’s position

The element of fire is in charge of the southeast. The stove should, therefore, always be positioned in that direction. According to kitchen vastu directions, the person operating the stove should also face east since it is a promising direction.

Position of refrigerator

The refrigerator should be facing southwest to assist you in overcoming life’s challenges. Additionally, it will guarantee a calm kitchen atmosphere. When you have planned to shift your fridge with the help of Packers and Movers Kolkata, ensure it is in the right place.

Placements of sink

It is not advisable to put the sink and cooking range together. Water and fire are opposed forces that cannot coexist. The northeast kitchen corner is where the kitchen sink should be located. According to Vastu, water is a symbol of money, so it shouldn’t spill or waste in the kitchen.

Position of the kitchen appliances

According to kitchen Vastu’s recommendations, the refrigerator should never be placed in the northeast corner of the room; instead, it should be placed in the southwest or one of the other corners. Vastu dictates that a kitchen should always be neat; therefore, arrange all your utensils neatly in a cupboard on the south or west side of the room. The southeast area of the kitchen should be used for all electric equipment, while the northeast corner should be avoided as it can lead to appliance malfunctions.

Position of the storage place

Another crucial component of contemporary Indian kitchens is storage. You need storage for dinnerware, cooking equipment, food grains, and other necessities. Arrange cabinets or storage units in a southerly or western orientation. When storing grains, additionally, try to stay away from the walls to the east and north.

These are some of the Vastu tips that ideally help decorate the kitchen. Thus, it helps you improve your energy and motivation simultaneously.


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