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April 28, 2017


Shifting a home is not at all an easy task with people looking to relocate from one city to another for better work opportunities. A lot of effort and hard work is required to pack, move and again unpack the stuff during shifting home. The tasks like these require a precise calculative move so that you are able to get the relocation done in an easy manner.

We are moving on same track since 2003 and understand the market very well. Today there are mingle of FAKE PACKERS AND MOVERS Company are live in Kolkata and in our nation. They are running there business freely and cheating those customer which are not aware from today market.

For better understanding I suggest to visit this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNn1PNJJ6IE

This may help you better.

The main moto to publish this blog is to aware from current market strategy. So It is our humble request always select best and trusted packers for moving your goods. This is does not mean that only EURO PACKERS is the best in this domain. You may hire Agarwal Packers { our competitor but trusted }. And if you live in Kolkata then better to choose one from these top 5 popular packers and movers of Kolkata.

However, it is found out that a lot of movers and packers have come in trend but with them comes the trouble of fake companies.

You need to follow these tips before choosing packers and movers –

  • Check The Track Record of the Company – It is always advisable to go through the track record of any organization before keeping them finalized. Always go through the online testimonials and reviews that will help you check on the authenticity of the company. The packers and movers which have the best reputation in the market are always considered to be reliable and good as compared to the ones that come with an average amount of reputation or response towards the society.
  • Keep everything in written documents – Written proofs are always good with a better record of receipt. Never trust on the words so be sure to get everything on written in the paper. Never ever depend on the face value. If any moving company deny to provide you with the documents it is always better to avoid hiring them for your requirement.
  • Never give full payment in advance – Making full payment in advance will make you fall in trouble as at the first instance there is no gentility that whether the company will work for you or simply went away without helping you to relocate. It is advisable to pay few amount in advance and once the relocation process is done then pay the final sum. In this way, you are preventing yourself from fake companies.
  • Check the License of a Moving Company – Always check out and investigate on the license number of the moving company. Check the license number in the database to make sure that the mover is not a fake company. Another important thing that you should always keep in mind is that the moving company should be having a proper license otherwise it is difficult to offer your project. Without checking on these two important things you should never sign the contract with the moving company.
  • Check the vendor visits your home before finalising – Make sure that the vendor at least pay a visit a day or two prior to moving out as the process is indeed a very challenging one and it is recommended that things are sorted well in advance. In this manner, even you are made well aware of your mover and the personal contact will help you prevent from the fake companies.

Hence, always follow the above tips whenever you plan to avoid getting a fake packers and movers company.

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