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Along with high quality packaging products, Euro Packers And Movers also provides world-class wooden packaging services to their clients, such as: –

E.P.M Creating designs for customised packaging – In order to provide best solutions for packing goods, we provide create customised designs to our clients.

E.P.M Fumigation Services – To ensure the wooden packaging products are termite and fungus free, we offer wide array for fumigation services.

E.P.M In-House Packaging and On-site Packaging – We offer our clients in-house as well as on-site packaging services as per their needs.

E.P.M Usage of Aluminium Foil Covers – For sea-worthy packing, we use aluminium foil covers for additional protection of the goods.

E.P.M Vacuuming Process – After adding cover on the goods, this process removes air from the packed goods, ensuring no chance of moisture entering the packed goods.

E.P.M Usage of VCI films, covers, and bags – These products guarantees optimal protection from moisture, air, dust and so on.

E.P.M Lashing and Choking – This process is used to secure the packed goods and cargo from outside, i.e. the cargo does not move while transportation and from inside, i.e. the goods inside are protected from any pressure.