10 Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Hassle-free

Office relocation is one of the challenging aspects of shifting.  It needs a lot of pre-planning, proper execution, insurance claim plan and many subtle things to take care of. We are just saying it’s literally different than domestic relocation. Especially if it’s a corporate office with a lot of electronic equipment then you must need to be prepared at first. You have to start sketch execution plan at least 5 months ago! Yes, then you have to look for moving company and set up the deals. It’s better to start preparing a little earlier than a last-minute hustle- bustle.

office shifting

We are going to share 10 fruitful tips for office relocation which will make your shifting journey very easy. Just go through for successful business relocation.

1. Proper & Early Planning is a Must:

Nothing can be done successfully without a crystal clear planning. Moving an office from one place to another for the betterment of the company needs a lot of pre-planning as well as post-planning along with perfect execution. It includes which things to be move first, which can be moved in the last along with which stuff isn’t that necessary to take along and left for selling or charity. As an owner, you have to set up a scenario of these stuff in your mind before three months of moving. Things including electronics equipment, furniture, systems, documents, boards, stuff in the pantry. Can your new office floor accommodate all these items easily? So think and start planning early on everything to be moved safely.

2. Take a Tour of New Office Location:

This comes under second thought. Taking a tour of the new office location, knowing the roots, shortcuts, easy ways to travel altogether can make the shifting less hazardous because you can guide the movers and crew members about the locations and how to place the office stuff properly. Everybody from your office along with your movers should be well-acquainted of the new office place whether it’s the root or the building. Taking a tour can make an easy picturization of the shifting.

3. Move the Less Essentials At First:

This is the most important thing in your to-do list. Mark the less essential items in your office. Make moving of those items at first so that later after shifting important stuff, those won’t be missed. This process will enhance the moving process faster.

4. Discuss with Your Employees

Involving employees in your plans and thoughts is also an important part in the shifting of your corporate office. Think about their comfort level is a duty of yours as an owner. Especially in deciding the location ask everyone. Arrange an open house session to put their ideas, thoughts. Once you and your employees’ choices matched then plan the shifting along with them.

5. Set A Perfect Time to Relocate

Choose holidays or long weekends for the relocation because it won’t affect your deadly deadlines or business or any urgent client meet. Deciding the time of moving your office is a crucial thing. You shouldn’t be reluctant about that.

6. Ask for Guidance from an Expert Moving Company

Honestly speaking you need to do a lot of research when it comes to choosing an expert office relocation services provider. You can’t go for random selection. You need to go through reviews, ask your business mates, plan the whole moving thing with the moving company. It doesn’t seem so easy right? Don’t worry Euro Packers & Movers will make this process easier for you. Once you deal with our crew members all the headache will be on us. You just need to coordinate.

7. Announce & Execute Address Change

Yes, do the announcement of relocation on the social media at first before some days of the entire shifting. So that your customers and clients will be aware of the new address. Initiate the address change on your website and all other business listing sites so that no one gets confused later and finds it difficult to get your new office address.

8. Plan the Flooring

Flooring meant the proper accommodation of all the desks, chairs, other furniture including the stuff in pantry or office canteen. You need to sketch a picture of it along with your employees and mover guide. So that nothing goes messy later. Think about it on a serious note.

9. Take Extra Care When It Comes to the I.T. Department

Stuff from the I.T. department should be taken care of specially. The moving of systems and reconnecting them in the new location should need extra attention and insurance policy. For expert movers, it won’t be that hectic but still, you should have a backup for I.T. stuff.

10. Do the Labelling of Your Boxes Carefully

Finally, when you have to box it up, make sure it’s a diligent labelling. It will speed up the shifting and setting up the stuff in the new place in a smoother way. It won’t be difficult to place the items perfectly.  

So, finally, you are on board for a happy & hectic-free office relocation! If you are planning for shifting your business smoothly then contact team Euro Packers & Movers ASAP.

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