How to reduce your cost while moving your goods?

Most of the cases home moving process is described as stressful and expensive, and the reason that even if you hire a professional still you will have an amount of tension running in your mind until the job is done. In this article I’ll show you some hacks on cost reduction while moving.
There are few tricks to help you save money while moving to a new home. Here’s a look at few tips to cut costs on your next big move. If you include the factors affecting the moving charges mentioned below while preparing the cost checklist for moving it’ll definitely reduce your cost of house moving project.

Factors affecting the cost reduction while moving:

Below listed points are the factors that you need to know whenever you hire a trusted packers and movers company in Kolkata.

  1. Volume of items– It costs around 4300 to 7000 INR for the items of a typical 1BHK flat for local relocation. You can have look on the home page of our website to get a rough idea of moving cost.
  2. Smart Season– Avoid the peak season, in a less demanded time you can get a certain amount of discount on your total bills.
  3. Tactical Timing– Try to start as early as possible which will allow you to avoid the heavy traffic of Indian roads.
  4. Deciding Day– Choose a weekday instead of weekend for the relocation day.
  5. Mid Month– Try to pick a day of mid month to avoid rush of customers.
  6. Own contribution– Pack yourself everything to reduce the cost of packing.
  7. Insurance– Buy an insurance which costs around 3% of total, but it’ll minimize the risk of your bigger loss.

If you look on these basic tips you’ll surely end up in reduced of your total estimated costing of moving project. Contact us to get a discounted price for your next moving project.

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