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December 18, 2019

Why do you need to buy transit insurance for happy moving?

It is always better to buy transit insurance of your goods before moving your goods for local or international moving. It is better for your goods safety because in moving services there is always a certain percentage of risk is associated of getting damaged of your goods in the process of shift irrespective of any logistics company.

With the professionals this risk factor decreases. There is a wide range of transit insurance available offered by logistics companies. It is always better to do a research before choosing a package than blindly depending on the insurance packages offered by the packers and movers.

It takes a significant time and knowledge of this domain to pick the perfect insurance according to your need. Our team has simplified the task for you by writing this detailed topic. Just go through this short piece of content because we have tried our best to clarify your insurance related doubts.

You must choose an insurance if your logistics project falls under these category

  • Moving distance is long
  • You want to shift some precious object
  • The dispatch destination is very remote location.

There are some items which can’t be insured –

  • Cash,
  • Jewellery
  • Medication
  • Fine- Art
  • Documents and many others.

Rates and Charges of logistics insurances-

There are lots of confusion about rates and charges for logistics insurance but actually it is super simple. To calculate the insurance you need to declare the value of the item for which moving insurance is to be taken. For, example you want to move fridge and its declared value is 10,000 INR. So, Transit Insurance@1.5%= 150 INR+ GST
and All inclusive Insurance@3%=300 INR + GST
Policy Sellers-
Most of the logistics company has their own insurance package. But there are some trustworthy online platforms also available like – coverfox and others. You can even compare over thousands of moving insurance policies you can choose from. You can read each and every terms and conditions mentioned there. Online payment options to experienced policy selling consultants are there to help you as per your requirement.

Conclusive Decision-

It’s always better to insure your moving goods which cost hardly 1.5% to 3% which is nothing to the cost the material. But that can be robbed, destructed or lost or damaged under natural calamities or any other unavoidable reason. But the read the documents and the written conditions before you make your mind which the most important thing.

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