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February 23, 2022

Things to Remember when You are Shifting Your Bike

Bike relocation is easy if you hire the right Car Transportation Service in Kolkata. There are various bike transport services in Kolkata that can solve your requirement. They charge a reasonable amount and take all the headaches. All you have to do is search for the best option and you can enjoy your shifting journey. If you are planning to shift your bike then, continue you reading to this blog post to know what are the important things to remember when shifting your bike—

How to transport your bike in the best way?

When you are moving to a new state, you cannot carry your vehicle without proper documentation. Various documents are needed for the re-registration of your bike. A reliable transport service will collect all the required documents and do the essential steps to permit your bike relocation process. Shifting your bike or four-wheeler is easy when you have hired a reputed bike transport service in Kolkata. The team will do all the requirements perfectly. It is always better to opt for a packers and movers company to transport your bike in the best way.

What are the methods to transport a bike?

When you will hire the packers and movers company, you are free to shift. The company’s agent will visit you to supervise your bike. Once the supervision is done the agent will offer you the quotation and breakouts of the service charges. If you agree with the charge, the agent will confirm your moving day.

The final date:

The agent will again come on the final day or the moving day to pack your bike. The person will click pictures of your bike from every position and note all the existing marks and scratches. This will reduce any damage-related confusion after the delivery. The bike will be packed with the proper material and as per your requirement, the transport vehicle will be decided.

The charges:

The charges for shifting your bike depend on several things. The bike’s weight and size matter the most. However, sometimes it depends on the international movers and packers company too. Try to choose a trustworthy option, which is known in the market and experienced in transporting bikes.

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