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December 2, 2023

Places Which You Can Live After Your Retirement in Kolkata

If you’re someone who frequently travels across India for work, you can understand just how hectic and stressful it can be. However, after retirement, you can finally relax in the comfort of your own home. If Kolkata is on your list of potential relocation destinations, rest assured that it is an excellent choice. Kolkata, also known as the city of joy, is culturally rich and flourishing. Whether it’s a home or office shifting method, it’s essential to take the help of experts who can make this otherwise hassle-filled process much more manageable.

Let me share some tips if you are looking for the best places to live in Kolkata. Firstly, it’s essential to determine your budget and prioritize your safety. Additionally, consider the quality of life in the surrounding area and the community you will be a part of. We understand that finding a new place to live can be challenging, but with proper guidance and research, you can confidently make your best decision.

Places To Live In Kolkata after Retirement


Regarded as excellent as Worli, Banjara Hills, and other neighborhoods in some of the biggest metropolises, Alipore is one of the most sought-after residential regions in the nation. They are undoubtedly some of the most elegant and sought-after places.

Salt Lake City (Bidhannagar)

Salt Lake City is an excellent choice, renowned for its meticulously planned layout and exceptional infrastructure. It boasts top-notch healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and a comparatively peaceful environment, making it a preferred destination for many seeking a serene yet convenient urban lifestyle.


Gariahat has a lot to offer and is near some beautiful Kolkata areas. One of the most well-known markets is where you can shop thrift and get excellent items at meager prices. This is essentially of Kolkata, where you can get the sexiest stuff without breaking the bank and planning to shift to this place. Then, with Packers and Movers, make everything easy.

Jodhpur Park

In South Kolkata, Jodhpur Park is a much-desired residential neighborhood with quiet streets, parks that are kept up, busy shops, and good transport links. Renowned for its robust feeling of community and rich cultural legacy, the region is a favorite among tenants and potential homeowners.

E.M. Bypass

The vast route that connects the entire city is called the E.M. Bypass. It has incredible features and is undoubtedly among the most sought-after locations. This area is always bustling and has some genuinely spectacular home constructions.


Tollygunge is a well-connected, energetic area with many attractions, such as excellent golf courses and contemporary shopping centers. Tollygunge, with its array of residential possibilities ranging from elegant independent houses to gorgeous apartments, is unquestionably a prime location that emanates refinement and confidence.


Behala is an incredibly diverse locality, boasting a dynamic blend of old and new developments. With excellent transportation links and a wide range of amenities for daily living, it’s hard to beat this vibrant and thriving community.

These are the places in Kolkata where you can live after retirement.


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