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April 3, 2016


This will ensure you receive all the items in perfect shape at your new address by Best Packers and Movers.

Basic Tips for Packing Your Stuff:

  • Exquisite crockeries: While packing the exquisite and fragile crockeries, ensure to line up the boxes with bubble wraps and newspapers or foam fillers. This will avoid any kind of collision among the items and ensure of not get scratched while being shifted to your new address.
  • Lamp Shades: While packing lamp shades, you should box them down and put them flat side up inside the box and please make sure not to place anything heavy on them. This will ensure your lampshade is perfectly packed.
  • Use the Right Kind of Boxes: Always seek good quality cartons or boxes that are of small or medium size for storing your stuff like books, clothes and other stuff. This will help in the convenient loading and unloading of the boxes.
  • Keep the Essentials: You should choose between storing and keeping only the essential and most valued things. Consider donating or selling the usable items, which are now not necessary for you.
  • Set your Bathroom: For packing your brushes and other accessories, you can use a small toiletry bag. At the top of the pack ensure to put up the lighter items like towels, rugs or shower curtains.
  • Dispose of Hazardous Materials:  You will find most of the packers and movers in India do not transport hazardous materials.

Note: Label all the packed containers or boxes for convenience

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