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July 14, 2020

Moving Services in Weekends and Weekdays

If you are planning to move but are confused about when to move in weekday or weekend. Then this article is for you.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a moving day for your next house move. But weekend moving and weekday moving have their own advantages. You just have to find what kind advantage you want to enjoy. If I say cut short you just have to consider all your options and make your decision based on your own preferences and your planning. Before finalising the day of the week to relocate, you should consider some vital factors.

Benefits of moving on a Weekend

Don’t miss office Work-

Moving over a weekend is the obvious choice and most of the move happens during the weekends and month ends. Obviously one of the biggest advantages of moving over the weekend is that you don’t have to take leave from your office. And generally it’s manageable to take leave for one or two days of weekend.

Don’t skip school-

Your kids don’t have to skip school during the weekends your kids will be home because their schools will remain closed. Their tuition classes will also remain closed and that’s a big advantage. If you are moving during the weekdays then you’ll be forced to disturb your kids, take off from their school and tuition classes.

Available companionship-

Friends and family will be around – As you know, moving a house will become much easier when you have friends and family to help and support you through the process. Naturally, they will be available during the weekend and hence you can seek their help and support.

Easy to settle-

More time for packing and unpacking – One of the other major benefits of moving during the weekend is that you don’t have to hurry things. You will get a little more time to pack everything properly, move and then unpack and settle in your new home. Always keep in mind that unpacking is a equally tedious job which takes lots of time. But you can easily have the privileged of some extra free time to unpack and arrange your new home properly.

Lighter Traffic-

If you are moving locally, then moving on a weekend means you will get clear traffic and that’s a huge benefit. If the truck needs to make two rounds and there are huge traffic and no entry on some road, then it’s going to be very tiring. That’s you can move smoothly during the weekend because the traffic remains lighter.

Disadvantage of moving on a Weekend

Usually , during the weekend, the movers and packers are pretty much occupied and hence they may charge you a little more than what they would charge for a move on weekdays. So short answer is that it’s cheaper to move on a weekday — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If we say straightly,  most moving companies offer better rates during the week because they aren’t as busy then.

Benefits of moving in weekdays-

Flexible Planning-

We have seen that majority of the people aim to shift on weekends which gives more free time to plan your move on weekdays. Even if you demand a last-minute moving then movers can do that for you very easily.

Less poking of neighbors-

Generally, when we move to a new place, people get curious about us and try to bump into us. So, it’s better to move during the weekdays to avoid these kinds of situations. Most people will be at work when you move in. If you are moving into a society, you really want to move when everyone is working, then weekdays are ideal option.

Lower Rate of Service-

Since weekdays are less busy, leading packers and movers like Euro Packers and Movers offer discounted prices to encourage customers to move during the week. Generally, weekdays rates are 8%-10% lower compared to a weekend move.

Cons of moving in weekdays

More Traffic-

One of the major disadvantages of moving on a weekday is heavy traffic. There is just so much more of it during a weekday which makes moving a time consuming and tiresome job.

Less time to get settled-

Not everyone has the ability to take off time during the week from work. Even if you manage to get 1 off day for your move, you may have to go into work the next day. A single day is not enough time to unpack and settle into your new home.

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