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August 29, 2019

Cost calculation for Office Relocation

Often with an expansion of business, cost reduction, or many other factors office shifting becomes inevitable. Let your office is small or big, office relocation can be quite hectic and troublesome. Transfer of all papers, goods, machines and furniture can be quite a fuss. Moreover, proper re-positioning of the same is an even bigger task. Only experts can handle the whole process smoothly for you. We at Euro Packers and Movers take care of the whole process with utmost care and responsibility from your old office room to the new one.

A few points to keep in mind while shifting your office, which can help cut the cost of relocation :

  1. Distance: the greater the distance between the old and new office, the more will be the transportation charges. But again we at Euro Packers and movers provide discounted rates for greater distance.
  • Location: The location of the destination is important for Cost calculation. If your destination is a popular location then it often happens that connectivity is good and thus the overall delivery cost reduces. Euro Packers and Movers have designated warehouses at the most premium locations in Kolkata and India. This conveniently helps reduce your relocation charges.
  • Nature of Goods: Fragile and delicate goods need special packing material and assistance, which in turn increases the cost of relocation. We have experience in transporting all kinds of furniture, glass articles and all types of fragile material with the utmost care and responsibility. With us, you can be stress-free and hassle-free.
  • Quantity of goods: try relocating all your goods at once. The shipping cost is much lower when transported at once than some at a time. Euro Packers and Movers have a collection of various fleets to accommodate all your goods depending on their size and weight.
  • Duration of relocation: choose the duration very critically. You can always ask your service provider to give you the best deals based on their mobility. Neither too fast nor too long should be the ideal time for relocation. Euro Packers and Movers try to ship the goods to the same destination together as it reduces the overall shipping costs and helps provide customers with the best deals.

6. Relocate only the essentials: no point in shipping worn-out or damaged goods. If your good needs to be replaced soon, leave it back. No point in shifting these. The lower the weight the lower your cost of relocation.

Assign Euro Packers and movers for your relocation needs and let go of all worries. The dedicated and specialized team of Packers and movers take care of all your shifting needs and lets you plan for your new beginning. Use our customized cost calculator to get an idea of your relocation cost.

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