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April 11, 2020

6 things to do with your dog on a moving day

Relocation is always stressful and not just for humans- it’s same for dogs also. If you are relocating with your dog and wondering how to help with your dog adjust to a new place, then you must follow the points mentioned below. You can easily make the entire relocation process with your dog a little less hectic, less complicated by following these steps.

  1. Pack for your dog– In addition to the basics of food and water, we recommend to keep a few favourite toys, extra towels and bedding.
  2. Retain the old– Psychology of an animal works in a bit different way than an animal. That’s why you have the act their way to keep them mentally stable. You might want a fresh start, but taking the smell of the old house to new house will balance your dog’s anxiety in greater level.
  3. Safety first – While moving keep your dog in a safely manner in the moving car. Make sure they have proper ventilation and tied with belts. After all you never want to compromise with your dog’s safety.
  4. Prepare in advance– Bring medical reports and current medicines if you want take your pet to doctor. We suggest you to book an appointment before moving with a doctor in that new area.
  5. Feed them light – We suggest you to feed your light very light and stomach friendly food, especially if they have sensitive stomach.
  6. Train for crate – Prepare your dog for the trip crate, most of the cases they love crates. But at the same time you shouldn’t force them to enter into the crate. This step is the pre stage , that why its mentioned in below.

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