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May 5, 2023

5 Myths and Truths Related to Car Transportation

When shifting from a house, or a commercial place, the most salient asset that seems daunting to shift is our car. So, availing of the best car transportation services in Kolkata is the best decision to make during this case.

But many individuals are stuck in the myths about packers and movers. Do you want to know the myths and see the truth behind them?

So, go through this comprehensive blog, and understand the exciting facts about the myths and the truth behind them.

All Myths have their Truths

The individuals who believe in myths cease themselves from hiring packers and movers for car transportation. So, let’s unveil the truth hidden behind the myths now.

Myth- Car Transportation Services Belong to only Luxury Cars.

Truth- Numerous vehicles, including motorbikes, family cars, historic cars, and even compact cars, can be transported using car services. It doesn’t just apply to expensive or luxurious cars.

Myth- Car Transportation Facilities are Costly

Truth- Even though the price of automobile transportation services varies based on the distance traveled, the size of the vehicle, and other services, they are frequently less expensive than transporting the car yourself. Additionally, the expense can be justified when considering fuel savings, wear and tear, and potential vehicle damage.

Myth- Safety Issues

Truth- Vehicle safety is a top priority for reputable car transportation providers. They hire qualified drivers, use specialized carriers with cutting-edge security measures, and offer insurance. These steps guarantee the security and defense of your car when it’s being transported.

Myth- Car Transport Facilities are Available only for Longer Distances

Truth- While car transportation services are frequently employed for long-distance moves, they are also used for local places. For instance, car transportation services might be a practical and effective choice if you’re buying a car from a far-off place or need to transport your car for a vacation.

Myth- Car Transport Services cannot be Trusted

Truth- Problems and unforeseen circumstances may occur with anybody. But it’s just a myth if we say that car transportation facilities are unreliable. Some individuals think that the transport services take a longer time to deliver. But that’s also a myth, as the reality showcases realistic, timely deliveries, followed by the proper safety of the products.


Car transport facilities are doing miracles in helping people shift their self-driven vehicles to another destination with safety, reliability, and minimal cost. If you want the best car transportation services, visit Euro Packers and Movers, and get the best services at an affordable cost.

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