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February 10, 2022

10 Important Tips To Consider For Office Relocation

Office relocation can be a complex job. No matter for which reason you are willing to relocate your office administration to a new place, it can be hazardous if you don’t take care of some important things. Let us discuss some important points that you should consider while moving to another office space.

Things to consider while relocating office 

1. Begin the Planning Early

Don’t do this in a hurry. Give yourself and your workers sufficient time to plan everything. Finalise what assets you need in your new office place and what can be abandoned. Get rid of them if you have old phones, tables, or other accessories that you don’t need to take with you to your new office. Update your electronics if they need to. If you start the process early, it will help you to do the entire job without any hiccups. Also, start to inform people about this relocation from before. Inform all of your employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. You can use social media platforms and emails for this purpose.

2. Tell everyone to pack up their own desk

If you have an office with individual desks for employees, you should assign them to pack up their own desks. Everyone should be responsible for their own desk space.

3. Start using the new address before moving 

It is better to start updating your documents and using the new address earlier than later. Wherever you have information related to your office’s location, update that. Whether it is your site, business cards, pamphlets, or anything else, update those, and don’t forget to add a content number so that anyone can contact you if they don’t find your office at the previous location.

4. Make sure the items fit 

While relocating your office space, you have to make sure that the items you are having in your present office will perfectly fit in your new office as well. If they don’t, you have to get rid of them or customize them. That’s why check whether your pieces of stuff fit in your new office or not. Especially, give special attention to big-sized items such as sofas, refrigerators, etc.

5. less-important items should be moved first 

Categorize your goods and items and choose which items are less important. Move those first as you’ll need the important goods until the last hour in your present office. You can start transferring less important items on your own to your new office location if possible. Don’t try to move fragile or big-sized items on your own.

6. Labelling is important

Labeling is one of the most important points of moving any type of administration, especially office administration. Label every box and write the names of items that are filled in the box. It will help you to keep your operations running after moving to a new space. If you are moving boxes filled with documents, write what documents are filled in the box on the label. 

7. Pack your goods carefully

Pack all your goods carefully. Secure the bottom of the boxes with bubble wrap, secure the fragile items by wrapping them with bubble wrap and use original boxes for electronics. Make sure there is no leakage from any bottle as it can cause serious damage to your other goods. 

8. Customer support is important during this time

You have to provide uninterrupted customer support to your customers at the time of relocating. You may need to appoint some more employees to handle the situation. Customers also can face problems for your relocation, and they need to tell their issues to you. Make sure you have efficient customer care service during this time.

9. Pay extra attention to your system 

If you have an in-house data innovation, make sure your system is good to be shifted. Secure your system. You can shift the system earlier as it will be better for you and your business. Your team members will not be able to get to the records, parts and programming unless the system is secured and running in your new office.

10. Assign an efficient packers and movers service provider 

Don’t try to do the whole process on your own, as there is a huge chance of damage. Assign reliable packers and movers for this purpose. They know how to handle different types of accessories and will deliver your belongings safe and sound. The whole process will be done faster and with more efficiency. Reliable packers movers offer packing, shifting, and relocation services so that you don’t need to worry. They are professionals in this field and know how to take care of your goods and items in different situations. With trustworthy service providers, such as EURO packers and movers in Kolkata, the whole process will become easy for you and your team. Talk to your building manager to know the building rules and dictate your service provider accordingly.

Ending words 

Office administration moving can be a difficult and complex job. That’s why we, Euro packers and movers in Kolkata, are here at your service to provide you with a satisfying experience of moving office space. Our teammates have years of experience in this field, and they know the tricks and rules to move your administration safe and sound to your new office space. With us, you can move your office without worrying about any massacre. Contact us now to move your office space safe and sound.

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