Plywood Boxes

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Our company is identified as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plywood boxes in India. We create world-class plywood boxes designed to reach out to the different needs of the clients, in the best competitive prices.

Different designs available are :
– Four-way pallet box or block pallet box 
– Two-way pallet box  

Features :
We Provide high quality plywood used for packaging. 
Available in different kinds of thickness and sizes, as per client’s requirements. 
Plywood boxes are light in weight, hence shipping cost decreases. Ideal for air cargo. 
High durability. 
Termite and fungus proof. 
Protects the goods while storage or transportation. 
Easy handling with the help of fork lift, trolley, and other equipments. 

Applications : 
Electronic equipments 
Spare parts 
Auto parts 
Engineering goods