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October 25, 2019

Household Goods Packing Tips for 360 or International Moving?

International packing brings along additional stress and worries when it comes to packing household goods for a move. As it is packing requires lots of attention to detail international packing needs even more care as goods will be shipped over a long region and via various modes of shipment. Packing household goods is not as simple as it seems. It requires a basic understanding of every goods and pack it accordingly.

Few Tips on How You need to Pack Household Goods for International Moving

  • Decide your requirements: international shipping comes along with a heavy price tag. So leave aside the not-so-important stuff and focus first on the essentials.
  • Sort your belongings: segregate your pieces of stuff as fragile, soft and heavy parts. You need to pack them accordingly.
  • Choose the right packing box: choose a sturdy box of international quality so that it can withstand all possible damages and still keep your belongings safe.
  • Bubble wraps it: the easiest way to protect your goods from any unwanted damage is to bubble wrap them. This wrapping will absorb the shocks and keep your article safe.
  • Corrugated boxes: The use of Corrugated boxes that can be closed shut is highly recommended to secure your belongings. Also, make sure that even the bottom side has additional tape for safety.
  • Mark “ This side up”: Always mark your belongings right. Put on fragile and this side up tags on every box. This will ensure safety during manual handling.
  • Segregate your belongings according to their nature: put all metallic, and related items together as that will help any cross-border check.
  • Fill up the gaps: Try and use blank newspapers, plastics or bubble wraps to fill the empty spaces in the cartons. This will, in turn, prevent in-situ breakage.
  • Electronics: Unplug all electronics beforehand and pack using thermocol boxes to ensure safety.
  • Furniture: wrap your furniture completely from all sides to prevent any chirping from the sides. Add additional newspapers to prevent any damage due to moisture.

You must know that Moving internationally is a three-step process.

  • Make sure that you have all your household goods packed thoroughly, either by yourself or a professional moving crew
  • Move these items carefully from the house to the loading warehouse for loading into a container for ocean freight.
  • Carefully and methodically unpack the goods upon arrival at your new destination.

EURO Packers and Movers is one such packers and movers whom you can trust blindly for all your international moves. EURO with its expert team of professionals will pack all your stuff using their pre-designed international quality packing materials to suit the transfer process carefully along with ensuring the safety of your belongings. Their domestic fleets will next transfer the stuff from your doorstep to the warehouse where it will all be shipped waterways.

 Lastly on reaching the destination EURO’s agent will again unpack all your belongings delivering you all your goods with a smile.

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